Pole Base


Columns and Pillars

From marking a driveway to performing as fence posts, columns and pillars from Pole Base are the way to go. With options for textures, colors, and even conduit for irrigation or electric lines, it’s an easier option to install. So, stop thinking about stacking stone or waiting for a concrete truck, and opt for precast instead.

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Light Pole Bases

Skip the hassle of pouring concrete on site and savor the speed with which Pole Base light pole bases are installed. Unusual site scenarios aren’t a match for precast foundations, whether it’s the tight space constraints of a site or the tight time constraints of your schedule, Pole Base light pole bases can help!

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Runway and Taxiway Edge Light Bases

Installing edge lights at an airport is a complicated job. You can’t simplify the intricacies of airport lighting, but you can simplify your work on the runway or taxiway by choosing a precast foundation from Pole Base. Skip the cardboard tubes and concrete trucks; use precast bases that are perfect for L-867 junction cans and capable of further customization.

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Skip over the hassle of setting up to pour a concrete sign foundation on site; simply set a precast base from Pole Base instead. Whether installing at or above grade, weather and water table issues won’t be a worry any longer! The time and labor you save will only enhance the end result.

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